Apstra Week1 - My Thoughts

Wow, what a week to start my new role at Apstra!

First Cisco announces their Intent Based Networking Solution (IBNS) Network Intuitive, the same week I accept my new position. And now it appears every vendor is starting to rebrand their “SDN” products as IBNS. I think I jumped into the middle of this at an exciting time!

Ive always been a big fan of Apstra and their IBNS approach to DC networking. Im sure just like most, my opinion of IBNS has shifted and changed since I first heard the term over a year ago. But I agree with the principle and feel its the right direction for the network industry.

Im not writing this post to comment or criticize any of the recent announcement or try and convince anyone that IBNS is the solution for your network. The focus of this post is to express my inital thoughts on my first week with the company and what I see most important moving forward for Apstra and IBNS as a whole.