Current Trends in DC Networking - Arista Ansible Config

Over the past few post I have covered the basics of Ansible, now its time to dig in and see how we can leverage it to build configurations. The cool thing about Ansible is there is a number of ways to accomplish most task. From here on out, it’s honestly about exploring what options are available within Ansible and expanding skills as you learn.

This post we will focus on configuring the Arista fabric from scratch using the configurations we have developed over the series. Configuration can be approach two ways.
  1. Push configuration to each switch with Ansible modules or roles directly.
  2. Build the configurations in full, then push them to each switch.

Both options have their place. The first might be a good fit for interacting directly with a large group of production switches to make smaller changes. The second would be good for pre-building configuration for groups of devices and pushing once they are installed. It would also be a good way to integrate with an existing configuration management tool or get one started.

This post we will focus on the second options, mostly because it can be used for any vendor, not just Arista. And Im sure just like me most of us still have some Cisco or Juniper gear sitting around in our DCs so we can still benefit from this exercise.

Alright,  lets dig in!