Current Trends in DC Networking - Cumulus Networks

Hopefully by now you have heard about Cumulus Networks. If not here is a quick intro.

Cumulus Networks is a full feature Linux distribution for data center (DC) routers and switches. Cumulus Linux is designed to simplify the deployment and automation of DC networks. With that said its not your normal network OS. The configuration and management is more inline with a Debian server than a network switch.

So what? Why change what has been working for several decades?

That is the point. What has worked for us in the past is not holding up to the rapidly changing DC space. Technologies are integrating, workflows are merging and yet we still grind away at notepad just to copy/paste into the CLI when new switches need deployed or VLANs need provisioned. Why?

Cumulus Networks is trying to lead the charge in changing this. By building a network OS that can better integrate with the tools already proven by application and server teams, we can quickly deploy and automate the network infrastructure with ease.

For a deeper introduction into Cumulus Networks check out the awesome Tech Field Day videos from #NFD9.