Current Trends in DC Networking Series

Im kicking off a new series on various DC networking trends. All of these are technologies that are hot right now and I've been wanting to dig into deeper.

I'm not sure how this series will flow as Im jumping in and blogging as I go. The series will be structured from the ground up starting with the network infrastructure and progressing as we build out the DC.

Here is my base idea on organizing topics. As always, feed back and topic suggestions are welcome.

1: VXLAN Leaf/Spine (Arista)
2: VXLAN Leaf/Spine (Cumulus)
3: Automate Leaf/Spine Deployment w/ Ansible
4: Open vSwitch
5: CoreOS Deployment
6: CoreOS and Docker Containers
7: Automate CoreOS/Container deployment
8: Automate it all!

Id love to throw OpenStack into the mix but there is a lot there and it might need its own series. Im not sure we will see how this goes.

Alright, let the fun begin!!

First up will be VXLAN Leaf/Spine with Arista vEOS

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