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I was fortunate enough to attend a networking automation class the other week, held by Network to Code and instructed by Jason Edelman (@jedelman8). As an introduction to automation for us networking grunts, I was very impressed with the class and learned a ton. So I thought I would share my experience and hopefully encourage others to venture down this road.

Who is Network to Code

Jason is a highly respected engineer with a CCIE and well over 12 years experience in the networking trenches. For the past 3 years he has focused his efforts on network automation and programming, and has been a leader in developing multiple tools to help us simpletons interact with networking hardware via programming tools. If you don’t know who Jason is then I highly suggest you follow him, as this dude is leading the charge in how we will do our jobs in the coming years.

With Jason’s passion to help others grow in network automation, Network to Code was born and now the company is teaching multiple classes as year across the globe, doing workshops, and providing services to clients helping them adopt automation technologies.

Class Overview


The class started out hitting python hard. Jason conveyed key topics to provide a solid foundation of basic python knowledge. Python was not covered in-depth but enough for us network guys to get started and understand the fundamentals. One of the biggest values of this class is the focus on networking specific modules and how to leverage python as a network engineer.

I will note, its best to have a basic understanding of python and general programming knowledge coming into the class. Without it you may get lost within the first couple days and make it difficult to progress with topics as they are layered on-top of each other.


After two days of focused python training I was ready to dig into the fun stuff! Ansible has always been intriguing to me but I have not had the time to dig in. Jason did not let me down and covered everything needed to dive right into Ansible. Dude it’s a fun tool and Jason does a great job of guiding the class down the network engineers path for Ansible.

Ansible is an amazing tool and can be leveraged in so many ways. I encourage everyone to start learning and playing with Ansible. It can make your life so much better!


GitHub is a brief topic which is incorporated into the last few days of class. Jason covers its basics and how it is used as a versioning tool. GitHub can also be leveraged from the social aspect. So instead of sharing cat pictures on Facebook you can share scripts you are working on with others.

Build a GitHub account and start by following Jason. See what he has built and contributed and branch out from there. Amazing resource!

My Thoughts

Whether you think SDN will rule all or DevOps will take yer jerbs automation has been around forever and it has always been a solid tool to simplify the day to day grind. And honestly, it's only going to grow bigger!

This was a great course and worth every second and the investment. Jason is amazing in this space and did a fantastic job leading the class.

Want to get in on this class? Keep in mind they even do custom private courses too!

Contact Network to Code at:


If you have been following Jason's blog linked above you will have noticed his announcement of On Demand Network Labs FREE! This is an amazing resource and now gives none of us an excuse not to be getting hands on with these tools. 

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