Network Automation Training - Network to Code

I was fortunate enough to attend a networking automation class the other week, held by Network to Code and instructed by Jason Edelman (@jedelman8). As an introduction to automation for us networking grunts, I was very impressed with the class and learned a ton. So I thought I would share my experience and hopefully encourage others to venture down this road.

Who is Network to Code

Jason is a highly respected engineer with a CCIE and well over 12 years experience in the networking trenches. For the past 3 years he has focused his efforts on network automation and programming, and has been a leader in developing multiple tools to help us simpletons interact with networking hardware via programming tools. If you don’t know who Jason is then I highly suggest you follow him, as this dude is leading the charge in how we will do our jobs in the coming years.

With Jason’s passion to help others grow in network automation, Network to Code was born and now the company is teaching multiple classes as year across the globe, doing workshops, and providing services to clients helping them adopt automation technologies.