What do I do now?

Over the past year, every week I saw blog post and technology announcements pass by my purview. But I glanced at it and set it to the side so I could focus on my CCIE studies. Like a kid receiving the toy store catalog in the mail, I was checking off all the amazing technologies I wanted to dig deeper into and anticipation continued to grew. I wanted to spend time with these new technologies but instead I was stuck labbing OSPF forwarding address scenarios, and RIP/EIGRP/OSPF redistribution again....

Well, now is the day! Im free. No more CCIE to deal with and burn-out is starting to fade away. I can do what ever the hell I want and you cant stop me!!!

So what do I focus on first?

Data Center

I have a ton of passion for all things data center. So an easy transition is Cisco DC.
Yup, I plan to spend a ton of time in that space for a while. Its a work goal and I need to get stronger with UCS and storage, but I have no plans to push for DC certs. My wife would kill me if I even hinted at chasing another CCIE more or less another cert.


I am also excited about the SDN/NFV space. I love what some of the fresh faces in networking are bringing to the table and I want to spend time with their solutions getting familiar with what they offer.

So Im prepping my home lab to start working with the following in no real order:

VMware NSX
Arista vEOS
Cumulus VX
Big Switch Labs (online and free)

Scripting / Automation

Another area I must build up is scripting and automation. I plan to start dedicating time each week to building up my python skills which I pretty much abandoned during the past few years. I also intent to start getting familiar with tools such as Ansible and Puppet as they pertain to any of the above technologies..

Wew, there is a lot here to learn and play with and I know I'm going to stumble down many a rabbit-holes. But Im excited about this shift in focus. And as always, Ill blog about my journey with these technologies.

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