The CCIE Journey Ends

For my forth attempt I walked in feeling pretty good. But thats how I was for attempt three. I jumped straight in and cleared TS no problem. Had a couple tickets hold me up and one I couldn't fully solve. Diagnostics was stressful but I made it. I'm still not a fan of this section as 30 min could screw your day up pretty quick. And there is a ton of ground to cover in that short of a time frame.

Configuration was smooth until a large section of my lab would not come online. Id go into detail but NDA... This was not good and I knew right there it would cost me my test. I set it aside and finished the rest of the lab as quickly as possible. I spent well over an hour troubleshooting this section and still no dice. Rebuilt config, rebooted, I tried everything. Nothing... 3 minutes until the test ended and Im staring at my screen thinking "Dude, another test just slipped through your hands" So I accepted my loss, wr mem and clicked End Exam.

I went to bed that night 99% sure I failed and didnt even check for my results. Woke up the next morning to the infamous email. This time I didnt care. I knew what it would say and logged in just to see how bad it was. The image I saw on my screen next was instantly scorched into my memory "Your CCIE status is Certified ( CCIE# 50117 )"

What the hell did I just read!?! I nearly lost it. I refreshed the page and opened the test status to make sure. The excitement took over after that and I could barely hold my phone to call my wife and tell her. Its one of those moments in life I will never forget. Two days later and its still not fully set in. But its over!

Over the span of 2 years I have logged almost 2000 hours both labbing and studying for my lab alone. Its been a very long and trying journey but I have learned a tremendous amount about what my limits are mentally and how to overcome complex and difficult challenges. I might have also picked up a thing or two on networking along the way.

The help and support of the CCIE community and those around me has been nothing but amazing! I am tremendously grateful to my wife and family who put up with me and the sacrifices they had to make so this could happen. This certification was not earned by me alone but by the collected effort of my wife and family. I am also very fortunate to have a team and leadership at work who has been nothing but supportive. Thank you everyone, it would not have been possible without your support!!

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