The CCIE Journey Ends

For my forth attempt I walked in feeling pretty good. But thats how I was for attempt three. I jumped straight in and cleared TS no problem. Had a couple tickets hold me up and one I couldn't fully solve. Diagnostics was stressful but I made it. I'm still not a fan of this section as 30 min could screw your day up pretty quick. And there is a ton of ground to cover in that short of a time frame.

Configuration was smooth until a large section of my lab would not come online. Id go into detail but NDA... This was not good and I knew right there it would cost me my test. I set it aside and finished the rest of the lab as quickly as possible. I spent well over an hour troubleshooting this section and still no dice. Rebuilt config, rebooted, I tried everything. Nothing... 3 minutes until the test ended and Im staring at my screen thinking "Dude, another test just slipped through your hands" So I accepted my loss, wr mem and clicked End Exam.