CCIE R&Sv5 Lab Attempt 1

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I passed diagnostics, just missed troubleshooting and failed configuration.

So my lab experience, that's what you're hear for, right?

OK, here we go...


TS was close but I left 3 tickets unresolved. I feel this section was easier than INEs TS labs but still not simple. I think several of the tickets I got lucky and solved in my first guess. The high point tickets are a bitch and I would rate them up there with some of the most complex shit I have ever seen. 

Troubleshooting is what makes or breaks you as an engineer. I feel if you truly understand a technology you can troubleshoot it. The CCIE lest you know, that you don't know shit...


Diag was a handful of straight forward multiple choice questions and really nothing to sweet. If you work in a normal enterprise network or similar environment you will be fine with this section.


Config was a beast! All task seemed straight forward but with a ton of basic configuration work to complete. The routing protocols section took a large majority of time and killed me. Even with copy/paste and blowing through configuration, I was not fast enough. After the routing section two hours remand to complete the last three sections. Nowhere close to enough time. 

I did worse in config than expect so I must have either missed something or blew something up towards the end. No clue as the last 3 hours where pretty much blow and go without time to fully verify. 

Moving forward I see no way to tcl your pings and verify full connectivity. There is only time to spot check and go.

General Thoughts

My lab freak out about an hour after lunch and I had to wait for Dave (proctor) to clean it up. He gave me an extra 20 min at the end of the day. We also started almost an hour late due to Dave showing up late due to snow. 

I will say Dave is a pretty awesome proctor. He is firm and upfront but a nice guy. KNOW THE RULES and EXPECTATIONS of the lab. It blows my mind to see people asking simple questions about the lab day of. 

This is where I Stop Talking

I am proud in what I accomplished and I will come back stronger next time. I need to work on speed along with firming up my BGP and MPLS skills. 

I gained an enormous amount of knowledge along this journey and I look forward to gaining more as my studies progress!

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  1. hey mate wintermute000 here. Sorry to hear about your bad luck. I'm sure you'll kill it eventually!


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