CCIE Bootcamp - Second week

The second week of my INE 10 Day bootcamp went a lot quicker than expected. Week two though was just as intense as the first week.

Dave did a great job on Monday of breaking down MPLS VPNs and really solidified my understanding of the control and data plane within MPLS VPNs.

The first half of the week was focused on MPLS, Multcast, and IPv6. We spent a fair amount of time covering thee topics in-depth. Just like week one Dave didnt really cover the basics as that knowledge was assumed. This allowed us to focus on each topic at a deeper level. The situations we were lead into by the topology really help solidify my foundation knowledge of each topic and showed me what to watch for in the lab and what gotchas it could lead me into.

The second half of the week was covering Switching, QoS, IPSec, DMVPN and services. None of these subject were covered in as much depth as the core technologies but I feel we could have spent another two week covering them fully. These topics dont hold much weight in the blueprint anymore so Im happy we didnt spend much time on them. Time was better spent on the core topics.

Overall this camp was worth every dollar spent. I came away with a ton of new knowledge and have a good understanding of my weak areas. Now time to get my head down and get my digits.

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