CCIE Bootcamp - First week

Man week one went fast but there was a tons of great information we reviewed.

Wednesday was primarily OSPF and some EIGRP towards the end. Dave did a great job with breaking down the LSDB and we ran though a great situation that help solidify the changing of the Forwarding Address and the issues that can be presented.  He also built out the complete network just from LSAs. If interested Pete Lumbus also wrote a blog post that covers this in detail here. He does a great job of breaking it town and it helps a ton with understanding LSAs.

EIGRP was well... EIGRP, not really much new there. He did show us a great was to calculate unequal cost load balancing to a specific ratio for the CEF buffers. Pretty slick.

Thursday was all things Redistribution. This was a intense day and honestly the only one that exhausted me mentally. I feel strong with redistribution as a few months ago I spent 3-4 weeks on the topic. But I still miss issues or lose routes and dont understand why.

Biggest thing I picked up from Thursday is EIGRP handles redistribution great and if possible try to make it your core routing protocol when redistributing. I still need more practice and will be circling back on INEs 3-part series on redistribution.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Friday was BGP. I feel Im pretty strong when it come to BGP but Friday showed I am not as strong as I thought and have some weak areas I need focus on.

Week one has been great I have already pick up a ton of knowledge. There has been homework every night that I have not had a chance to work on as I was unable to access my assigned rack from the room. But now I can so I have some catching up to do.

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