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Going into NFD8 I knew little about Nuage Networks but I was excited to see their product offerings. I was very impressed with their presentation and what they bring to the table.

Im the type of person who likes simple. Dont add complexity unless its absolutely needed. Nuages' user interface (UI) is clean and simple. Their product line appears to be straight forward and for a traditional networking guy, Nuages solution makes a lot of sense.

I will definitely be keeping my eye on Nuage Networks and what develops for them in the coming years!

Here is an overview of what came out of NFD8 and my thoughts on their solutions.

What are they doing?

Here is the explanation I was given in a product briefing:
"Nuage Networks VSP [controller] has been architected to be a non-disruptive overlay for all existing virtualized and non-virtualized network resources. Our software unifies cloud management platforms, virtualization environments, and multiple-vendors’ hardware into a single, cohesive cloud network."

Nuage utilizes a controller based fabric infrastructure and ties in with the current network and virtualization environment. When an application or server is deployed either in hardware or within a virtualized environment, VSP is triggered and provisions the network based on policies for that specific container. As I discussed in my  last post, since the polices are attached to the server, VSP will automatically shift the network with the server once a  move is triggered. Nuages design both speeds up deployment and provides network flexibility needed in the modern DC.

Here is a quick breakdown of the Nuage Networks VSP product and the different components.

VSP - Virtualized Services Platform
-VSD - Virtualized Services Director 
- Network Policy Engine
- Service templates and analytics
- Supports OpenStack, Vmware and Cloudstack CMS integration
- Supports integration with ESXi, KVM and XEN Hypervisors
-VSC - Virtualized Services Controller
- SDN Controller, creates and manages the network fabric
- MP-BGP between controllers
-VRS - Virtual Routing & Switching
- Distributed switch/router - L2-4 rules
- Integration with Arista and HP VTEPs

The introduction at NFD8 has a great overview of the Nuage VSP.

Video: Nuage Networks Welcome and Introduction
Nuage Networks Welcome and Introduction from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.

Great, I want to buy 6! BUT how do I tie this new fangled "fabric" into my legacy hardware servers and even my WAN block? The common solution to this in the VxLAN world is gateways or VTEPs Nuage's has multiple gateway solutions to integrate into VSP.
  • Virtual Gateway (VSR-G) - Virtual Appliance
  • Virtualized Services Gateway (VSG 7850) - Bare metal integration of physical ports
  • 3rd party "white box" gateways (VTEP) - Arista and HP are currently supported 
    • Arista and HP integrate into VSC 
    • Port/VLAN to VxLAN mapping
Here is a good breakdown of their 3rd party integration and how VTEP gateways are tied into VSP with a demo!

Nuage Networks Scalability Demo from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.

What I Like

Integration  of network and virtualization into a single controller.

No Vendor lock-in
  • Integration with OpenStack, VMware and Cloudstack for controllers
  • Integration with Arista and HP hardware VTEPS
  • Integrates with ESXi, KVM and XEN Hypervisors

Control plane runs on BGP
  • Flexible and provides a means to distribute the fabric across multiple DCs

Customers are deploying Nuage! 
  • Nuage Networks has a solution they are actually supporting in customer environments. See for yourself here

I also recommend checking out all of their NFD8 videos here  as the product demo is awesome! 

Disclaimer: Nuage Networks was a sponsors of Network Field Day 8. They indirectly covered my costs to attend. However, I am under no obligation to write about any of the presenters.

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