CCIE 10-Day Bootcamp

I leave tomorrow morning for my INE 10-Day CCIE bootcamp in Seattle. Im both very excited and nervous for what's in store over the next 14 days. From what I gather both weeks consist of 10-14 hour days of pure geeky R&S goodness. I can easily see my brain being turned into mush on a daily basis. But that is what  I love about this field! What makes me nervous is going in and exposing more weak areas than I think I have. I really hope Im in the position to take my first attempt in January. I plan to book my test after I get back and have a better feel for where I sit.

Either way this is going to be a fun trip!

I would love to get a couple blog post written about some of the technologies, but Im not sure what time I will have during this trip. Also my wife is due with mini-me # 3 pretty much right when I get back so who knows whats going to happen after the trip.

I will post periodic updates through out the two weeks on how things are going and also some general notes on areas I need to focus on afterwards. Not daily but maybe a couple time each week.

Tools I will be using:

Laptop (of course) - Im taking both my work and personal Laptop just in cast one craps out.
Evernote - General notes and documentation on key topics, discussions and examples.
WipeBook 2.0 - Used for sketching and quick diagrams. I will then take pictures and upload to Evernote with Skitch
Clipper - Used to document DocCD pages, RFCs and online resources discussed or I need to review.
Caffeine - A metric shit-ton of the stuff in various absorb-able methods...

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