CCIE 10-Day Bootcamp

I leave tomorrow morning for my INE 10-Day CCIE bootcamp in Seattle. Im both very excited and nervous for what's in store over the next 14 days. From what I gather both weeks consist of 10-14 hour days of pure geeky R&S goodness. I can easily see my brain being turned into mush on a daily basis. But that is what  I love about this field! What makes me nervous is going in and exposing more weak areas than I think I have. I really hope Im in the position to take my first attempt in January. I plan to book my test after I get back and have a better feel for where I sit.

Either way this is going to be a fun trip!

I would love to get a couple blog post written about some of the technologies, but Im not sure what time I will have during this trip. Also my wife is due with mini-me # 3 pretty much right when I get back so who knows whats going to happen after the trip.

I will post periodic updates through out the two weeks on how things are going and also some general notes on areas I need to focus on afterwards. Not daily but maybe a couple time each week.

Tools I will be using:

Laptop (of course) - Im taking both my work and personal Laptop just in cast one craps out.
Evernote - General notes and documentation on key topics, discussions and examples.
WipeBook 2.0 - Used for sketching and quick diagrams. I will then take pictures and upload to Evernote with Skitch
Clipper - Used to document DocCD pages, RFCs and online resources discussed or I need to review.
Caffeine - A metric shit-ton of the stuff in various absorb-able methods...


Big Switch and Big Cloud Fabric - NFD8

I’ve been hearing buzz about Big Switch Networks for a bit leading up to NFD8. With their announcement of Big Cloud Fabric (BCF), Big Switch seemed to have a solid product offering. Going into NFD8 I was given a hands-on demo of BCF. The demo was excellent and very well put together, but getting to actually work with and see BCF in action was what did it for me. It just made sense and clearly highlighted what Big Switch means by simple.

Big Switch has a very smart solution with BCF. Its easy to wrap your head around, yet flexible by integrating with third party switches. They also providing an API, CLI and web interface to meet everyone’s management style. BCF appears to be a strong competitor in the SDN space. Like many leading vendors BCF utilizes policies and distributed routing to control traffic once it hits the fabric.

I will not go into the details of Big Switch and their offerings because several others have done a great job with their own blog post in covering these topics. I'm going to highly encourage you to check out these posts to get an idea of what Big Switch is all about. Do it, read them now, NOW!


Nuage Networks - NFD8

Going into NFD8 I knew little about Nuage Networks but I was excited to see their product offerings. I was very impressed with their presentation and what they bring to the table.

Im the type of person who likes simple. Dont add complexity unless its absolutely needed. Nuages' user interface (UI) is clean and simple. Their product line appears to be straight forward and for a traditional networking guy, Nuages solution makes a lot of sense.

I will definitely be keeping my eye on Nuage Networks and what develops for them in the coming years!

Here is an overview of what came out of NFD8 and my thoughts on their solutions.