Networking Field Day 8

WOW! It blows my mind to think I was even in consideration to be a Networking Field Day (NFD) delegate, but to be chosen is a huge honor.

Over the past months I have been focusing in on my CCIE studies and just last week I reorganized my schedule in preparation for my INE bootcamp in November.

When I was first extended the offer I was hesitant to accept for multiple reasons. First my wife is pregnant with number three which is due in December and second because Im starting to dig my heals in with my studies and need to get focused for my bootcamp. But I quickly realized I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to attend NFD. My wife was also very insistent that I don't pass up this opportunity.

So I excitedly accepted the invitation and now Im off!!

Check out the NFD8 event page for the full list of sponsoring vendors and delegates.


  1. Congrats Ryan that'll be a great experience! It's pretty awesome what Stephen's been able to build with the Tech Field Day events. Hopefully NFD8 doesn't have the same "challenges" as SFD5 did. ;)


  2. Yeah its pretty cool what he is doing. What happened in NFD5? i guess I missed that.

  3. It was Storage Field Day 5


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