Broke 20,000 views & CCIE Update

Just wanted to give a quick thank you to everyone. Today I broke 20,000 views on this blog! Te blog is a little more than one year old and I am very excited to see it gets this much attention. By far the most popular content is my Nexus series closely followed by the OSPF Network Types series.

Thank you everyone for reading my content!

CCIE R&S Update:

Its going. Staying coarse during the transition to version 5 has been difficult but I have maintained a steady schedule. I have a 10-day R&S boot-camp scheduled for November with INE and hopefully will make my first attempt around the new year.

My schedule will start getting pretty crazy in the next month or so as my wife and I are expecting our third mini-me, or would it be that1baby_3?? Due date is about 2 weeks after I get back from boot-camp so yeah its going to get crazy!!

Luckily I have a VERY supportive wife and family and we are pulling together in big ways to make all this happen. To them, Thanks Its very much appreciated!!