2014 Goals and 2013 Look back

First off I want to thank everyone who has checked out my blog and hopefully it has been useful. My intention last year for my blog was purely selfish. I wanted an outlet other than taking notes to aid in my CCIE R&S studies, but quickly branched out and utilized my blog as a means to dig deeper and document my research into the Cisco Nexus line.

My Cisco Nexus series is by far the most popular posts on my blog.


Last year was a crazy year for me, but I also experienced a ton of knowledge gain and growth. I changed jobs mid-year and jumped into a network that needed and still needs a ton of attention. The exposure has been awesome and I had the pleasure to meet and work with some amazing network engineers.

The downside to all this is my CCIE studies had to be set aside. None the less I am very pleased with the outcome of 2013!

Now what the hell do I do this year?

I'm a firm believer in writing down and organizing your goals from year to year. So here it goes.


With my current job I am finally being exposed to technologies that have been in the enterprise and DC for years. While I am now heavily exposed to both voice and wireless my primary focus will be to gain a solid knowledge-base of both VMware virtualization and the Cisco UCS. While R&S is my passion I am seeing myself getting very excited about the DC and what is to come over the next 5 years in this space. This is where I want to be.

I'm sure as I progress some UCS and Nexus post will bleed into the blog.


This one is obvious. 2014 needs to be the year I buckle down, and bang out my CCIE. If there was any takeaway from my stalled attempts last year I now have a firm grasp of what my weekly schedule needs to be and the level of effort I need to expect for the coming year.  This is where the majority of my blog post will come from.

As I have mentioned before I'm not making a go at the v4 lab but I will knock out the v4 written before it goes EOL. My lab study schedule is going to be pretty open-ended at first as no one has seen what INE, IPExpert or even Cisco plans to do with their v5 refresh outside of the official blueprint.

Ultimately it comes down to one thing.

Keep moving forward! Whatever it takes don’t stop progressing.


Yeah… not much of that going on this year. My wife and two daughters are a very big part of my life and without a doubt their time will not be missed. It’s going to be exciting to see my daughters grow over the next year. My oldest is just getting out of the terrible threes and my youngest is just entering the terrible twos. God help us!

I wish everyone a prosperous and healthy 2014 and hopefully we can all come out the other side better than we started!