CCIEv5 Topic Breakdown

The CCIE R&S version 5 refresh has finally been announced. There are already a good number of resources available for information on the new blueprint and changes so Im not going to go into those details until I get a solid game plan for my CCIEv5 studies.

The official announcement along with what has changed in both the written and lab can be found here.

I've taken the time to refresh my CCIE lab topic breakdown to line up with the v5 blueprint. If your not familiar with a CCIE topic breakdown it is a way to track what your areas of strength and weakness are across the whole CCIE blueprint.

The spreadsheet I created breaks the blueprint into the 5 functional areas of the CCIE lab and then breaks each area down into details as outlined by the blueprint which can be found here. Simple rate yourself from 0 to 5 with 0 being I dont know what the hell you are talking about and 5 being I configure this in my sleep.

So feel free to utilize this spreadsheet and you are more than welcome to make suggestions or modify to fit your needs.

CCIE Lab Topic Breakdown_v5


  1. Hey Ryan, your link isn't working for me.

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    2. :) I wish I had a way to drop files directly into the site. But the small amount of digging I did I cant figure it out. So I have to use a public file in Google Docs...

      Thanks for checking out the post!

  2. Yeah I feel you - I have the same issue with my blog.


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