Cisco Nexus Index

Cisco Nexus - Part 1 - Introduction

Cisco Nexus - Part 2 - Design Basics

Cisco Nexus - Part 3 - Connecting Cisco FEX to Nexus 5000

Cisco Nexus - Part 4.1 - Virtual Port-Channel (vPC) Design

Cisco Nexus - Part 4.2 - Virtual Port-Channel (vPC) Configuration

I hope everyone enjoys this series. I had a ton of fun and learned a lot researching each topic. Originally I wanted to include post on both FabricPath and OTV but I don’t have access to the Nexus equipment I was labbing with and I’ve completely ran out of time.

If I ever do get back around to adding post on FabricPath and OTV I’ll make sure to update this index page.

Now time to get back to some CCIE R&S post!!

Cisco Nexus - Part 4.3 - vPC Failure Scenarios

Since a Nexus vPC domain uses a shared control-plane, failures within the domain can result in some unusual outcomes. For anyone designing or administering a Nexus vPC environment you need to be very familiar with these failure scenarios and understand the impact of each.

Let’s get started!