Cisco Nexus - Part 3 - Connecting Cisco FEX to Nexus 5000

OK, now that we have the basic theory down we can start configuring some Nexus gear.

First up we will connect a couple fabric extenders (FEX) to a single Nexus 5548 (N5k).

Lets get started!


Cisco Nexus - Part 2 - Design Basics

My last post went over the Nexus line and basics about each device. This post will dive into the design aspect of a DC network and how it differs from a traditional hierarchical 3-tier enterprise network. I'm not going into the deep details of designing a Nexus infrastructure, but touching the main concepts and providing plenty links to further your journey down the rabbit hole.

Now, let me be honest with everyone. I'm by no means a DC architect or Engineer (yet) and my exposure to these concepts in the real world is limited. The purpose of this post is to shed some light on changes to how DCs are designed and also deepen my understanding of “the new way”. This post is based solely on the research I have done and is an attempt to put the puzzle pieces together and present my results.

If you think I missed the point on something, or am just flat out wrong, call me on it. Hell, pick my post apart piece by piece if you see fit. I'm looking for interaction and feedback and welcome anything anyone can bring to the table.

With that said lets dig in!!


Cisco Nexus - Part 1 - Introduction

I'm going to shift gears some and open up a series of post on the Cisco Nexus line. Since I will be working these into my CCIE R&S studies, not all posts will be back-to-back and will spread out over a few months.

I know a lot of people have been exposed to Nexus and Data Center (DC) networking for a while and most likely know a ton more about the subject. My aim for this series is to work from the ground up, giving someone with limited or no knowledge of DC networking a solid understanding of what Nexus can provide in this space.

So let’s dig in!