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Here is an index page for the IPv6e post. Hope you enjoy

IPv6 Part 1 - The Basics

IPv6 Part 2 - Address Assignment and Neighbor Discovery

IPv6 Part 3 - Routing

 Some might have seen the IPv6 routing post pop up a few days back and then disappear. The post almost got scrapped all together. Basically what happened was after finalizing and proofing I tried to publish the post and Blogger freaked out on me. I finally got the post published just to find out over 8 hours of work was lost and my initial post outline was published instead of the final draft. I then pulled the post.

90% of my work was lost and I tried multiple things to recover to no avail. I originally wasn't going to recreate the post because my time is very limited. The idea of loosing all the work ate at me for a few days until I finally decided to suck it up and bang through it.I can now sleep good at night...

Lesson learned. Always create and edit post in something other than the compose window. When finished copy, paste and make small changes.

Thanks again everyone for checking out my blog!! Also feedback is always welcome and encouraged.

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  1. Google Drive is your friend! If you want to keep everything cloud that is...

    Thanks for making the effort to recreate the content. This is a great overview of IPv6 that I have referred over to my team so they can start to understand what is to come in the great IP transition.


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