EIGRP Auto-Summarization

Wait... Auto-Summarization!?! Oh Yeah

Done, end of post!

Not quite. In the real world this is as far as you go, but for study purposes and the lab you might want to understand what EIGRP (or any other protocol) is doing when auto-summary is enabled. Or when you hire that new CCNA who thinks he knows everything and doesn't apply your EIGRP template because he is above templates. You then understand what effect he is placing on the network and can smack him in the face with a shoe! Fine... don't hit him with a shoe. Just calmly explain why auto-summary is bad.

So lets dig in.


Where I Sit

I'm easing into this whole blogging thing and I'm still a little shocked I have a blog. My wife last night made sure to poke plenty of fun at the fact that I'm now a "Blogger". Hell no more than 6 to 9 months ago I refused to join social media outside of LinkedIn. Now I'm all in with Facebook, Twitter and a blog... Who am I!?!

So, where do I sit with my CCIE R&S studies? About 8 months ago I started my CCIE journey with written studies. My aim was to pass the written and move onto lab studies by the beginning of 2013. Well life got in the way and as usual my written attempt didn't happen until February. And on top of that I failed the written, not just once but twice. I'm not going to go into why I think I failed outside of poor preparation and not taking the test serious.

After the second failure I decided to set the written aside and move forward with my lab studies. Once I get to a point where I'm comfortable with taking the written and passing Ill set aside a few weeks to bang it out. I'm in not rush this time around.

Work was gracious enough to purchase me the INE CCIE R&S Ultimate bundle with extra tokens for labbing and such. They have also agreed to flip the bill for a boot camp once I get closer to the lab.Lets hope those plans don't change.

Right now I'm 5 weeks into the INE Volume 1 workbook and digging deep into EIGRP. Later when I have time I'll circle back and get some post up on Switching, Frame Relay and basic routing. I'm currently pushing for 25- 30 hours per week of dedicated study time. For anyone looking to get started with INE workbooks here are the links I used to get a game plan together.

How to pass the CCIE R&S with INE’s 4.0 Training Program
Getting the most out of CCIE R&S Workbooks VOL1 and VOL2
Using Dynamips for CCIE Lab Preparation on a PC

oh and labs...

I currently have a full Dynamips lab at both home and work along with a dedicated server with breakout ports to 3x3550s and 1x3560. I haven't needed to touch my INE tokens for rack rentals yet but I'm sure I will once I hit QoS. Here are a couple links I found very helpful in getting my lab up and running smoothly. Thanks Darren and Daniel for the great work and post!

Installing Dynamips & Dynagen on Ubuntu with Quad NIC’s to Real Switches
Darren's Blog Building my topology
Daniels Networking Blog - Converting INE configs
IEOC- Convert INE Initial Configs for your own rack


First Post

Well I finally pulled the trigger and setup a blog. Yes, it is another CCIE blog and Im sure it will follow suit with the other 10 million CCIE blogs. This has always been the reason I have hesitated on setting up a blog.

My main focus for this blog is to document my journey through my CCIE R&S and help solidify what information I'm learning. I will also throw in various post about other areas of networking to keep things interesting.

Lets get this thing rolling!!

Ryan Booth